Giving Up

Yesterday morning, I found out one of my friends had spontaneously quit Facebook. Deactivated his account.

It was quite abrupt. I don’t think it was premeditated. His initial reaction was,”It is very freeing.” He’s a very social person so I think it couldn’t have been the easiest thing to do.

And in recent weeks, someone I know has been giving away a lot of his things. And they aren’t old things. His acoustic guitar, electric guitar, his film camera…all possessions dear to him. He was also selling his CD collection – I had bought one. I asked him, “Why are you giving away everything?”

He quoted (if I remember correctly) Acts 2:45, “They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need.” He decided that anything that did not have any kingdom value, that he could not take into heaven, he would give or sell away.

He seriously impressed me with his willingness to sacrifice what he knew was not essential for him.

I recalled what God has been telling me to give up: video games. I’ve been into video games since I got my first Xbox. I still remember the first time God told me that I couldn’t play games forever was during Trackers graduation. But I didn’t really follow up on that prompting. I continued playing video games all the way into army. I told myself, “Plenty of good Christians play video games, why couldn’t I?”

But recently, since the start of this year, I can feel I’m not supposed to buy new video games anymore. If I wanted to go further and higher with God, I had to give this up. And ever since I made the decision to do so, it seems God has been helping to take the desire away from me. I used to reserve nights for video games. Not any more. Even when my nights are free, the desire to play is totally absent. I am still playing through my games but I doubt I will buy any more. And with little desire to even play, finishing them will take a long time.

I think for most of us, we will have to give something up if we are to aspire to greatness. Like a hot air balloon, we must be willing to throw off our sandbags in order to rise.

What is one thing that is hindering you from becoming great? What is God calling you to give up?


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