Did Jesus Dream?

Have you ever wondered if Jesus had dreams?

Jesus was human, after all. Growing up as a child, he may not have realized yet that he was the son of God – the first recorded sign of his awareness of his true Father was at the age of twelve when he was discussing theological questions with religious teachers in the Temple.

And before his destiny was revealed to him, maybe he had his own aspirations, his own desires, his own dreams.

He grew up around his father Joseph, learning the skills of his father’s trade. He may have desired a simple, routine life, working for his father at first, then maybe striking out with his own woodwork business.

Jesus told a lot of parables. He must have loved spinning stories. Maybe he had considered becoming a storyteller, creating stories to enrapture children in the imaginary worlds that he thought of in his head.

He was well-versed in Scripture; he must have enjoyed reading the Word. Maybe he had aspired to be a man of the Word, a Pharisee who could be a spiritual authority for the Jews, a source of wisdom for his people. To have to become a figure of opposition towards them, to have to debate with the brightest of them about the law, must have made him wish there could have been an easier way.

It is recorded that Jesus grew in wisdom and stature. He must have been handsome, witty, and charismatic – in addition to his godliness – to have attracted such a following in his day. He must have had his admirers. And maybe he wished he could have reciprocated the feelings of at least one of them.

Maybe I’m projecting my humanness on Jesus; it could be he never had all the dreams I just said. But Jesus was God in human flesh; I am sure he had his own dreams, desires, hopes, and plans.

But I think he had one big dream, one huge desire, and that was to be fully obedient to the will of His Father. And he was willing to sacrifice all the other smaller dreams and wishes so that he may fulfill his calling and ultimate destiny.

Before he sacrificed himself on the cross, in his youth, he probably had to sacrifice his dreams first. He did so because he found the dream of Another worthy for the sacrifice of his dreams.

“Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.”

Some of us have parents who had promising careers or educational opportunities, but had to give that up for the sake of raising you up to be the best person you could be, to give you the chance to pursue your own dreams, when they couldn’t. Their dream for you to realize your dreams replaced their own dream. And when you find out someone who sacrificed their dream so that you could realize yours, you can’t help but be grateful.

Do you have any dreams that you know that you have to let go, so a bigger, better one can come in its place?

If sacrificing your dreams means someone else can realize theirs, would you be willing to do it?


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