Youth For Energy Video Competition

Hello everyone, check out this video my friends and I made.

My friends and I made the video you just watched for a video competition organised by the Energy Market Authority, in which we envisioned the future of the energy landscape. The good news is, we got into the finals, and are now in the voting round which will determine the winners!

We’ve had immense support from both friends and family – people have been stepping up to me and telling me they had voted for us; some message me from overseas and tell me they have voted too. I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming support so far, and I hope you’ll continue voting for us once a day as the competition draws to a close this week.

I’ve always harboured an interest in filmmaking, and the various few times I’ve had the opportunity to do so, I really enjoyed it. One of the last videos I made was for Orientation Camp for USP, and the process of filming and cutting with two other guys into the wee hours of the night to produce a really entertaining series of clips was one of the highlights of my summer. This time, we made a video that we hope is as thought-provoking as it is visually engaging. If you like the message of the video, and want to continue to support our filmmaking endeavours, do vote for us! You can do so once a day until 19 October at


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