Forgetfulness Begets Suffering

I’m glad to be back home. Usually I don’t go home on Friday nights, but the past few nights in Cinnamon College have been quite terrible. I had forgotten to bring back a myriad of basic necessities – toothbrush, towel, blanket, etc. and didn’t really want to waste money buying them. I bought the toothbrush in the end. Shaun lent me his towel, which doubled as a blanket when I would wake up in the middle of the night without fail, to turn down the fan speed (which I kept at two to chase the mosquitoes away from my legs) and grab the towel which I would use to pitifully cover my nearly frozen legs.

The suffering wasn’t anything to complain about. If anything, I found the misery very amusing. Masochistic schadenfreude.

Another first-world pain I had for the past week was the retainers which I had to put on. The one on the lower jaw got progressively more and more painful to the gum when I put it on, that I finally called my dentist to get permission to not wear it until the next weekend when I will go and see him.

I also forgot my running shoes. Again, kind roommate (Jonathan this time) lends me his pair, about half a size too small. Wearable, but as cramped as climbing shoes. It’s an imperative to run;  have a 10km trail run coming up next weekend, and I did not run the entire holiday! Seriously, I am setting myself up for tragedy.

This week, I am leaving nothing unbrought. I made a list of things I forgot to bring as they came to mind. Camera, coffee, Bible, more underwear…

With luck and some perseverance, this will be the best semester ever.


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