So, it’s Summer, and…

So, it’s summer, and…

I have moved out of Cinnamon College.
all the stuff I moved back are in piles behind me.
I am not in any mood to clear the stuff behind me, at least not tonight.
I do not have a job or internship. I wish I had, but I also like having free time.
I am in no mood to act on the emails in my inbox.

I have a long list of errands, tasks, and projects to accomplish.
I can finally process my backlog of photographs, back up my computer, and do self-maintenance.
it would be a good time to buy new clothes.
I should really start exercising.

I hope to do lots of reading, writing, cooking, movie- and TV-watching, canoe polo, and hopefully earn a bit of cash for exchange next year.
I’ve already watched a few episodes of Arrow.
I have waited till now to watch the new season of Game of Thrones, I might resume Breaking Bad at the fourth season, and if possibly rewatch the Cowboy Bebop series so I can segue into the movie.
I will be embarking on a three-star kayaking course next weekend.
I am considering picking up kravmaga.

I can start planning and budgeting for my exchange to Connecticut next year.
I might not be travelling out of the country, except for one school trip to Beijing, also for the reason of saving cash for exchange.
I will be exploring Singapore – with a camera – because I think there is much worth exploring.
already there are a few tentative outings with friends over the next few weeks.

it would be a good time for self-reflection.

So, it’s summer, and
it feels like it will be a good one.



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