Ilo Ilo

I reviewed Ilo Ilo for The Cinnamon Roll – check it out!

The Cinnamon Roll

by Benjamin Ho

Ilo Ilo made history when it became the first Singaporean film to win an award at the Cannes film festival. Not the Palm d’Or, but the Camera d’Or. I’d never heard of that award before the news broke. Was the Camera d’Or any special? Turns out it is – it is an award for the best feature film debut of any director. Props, Anthony Chen!

I’m not very familiar with Anthony Chen’s oeuvre – although I no longer have any excuse now that Viddsee is hosting his short films online – but with his Cannes win, I was anticipating something special when I went down to the theatre to catch Ilo Ilo.

Its headscratching English name doesn’t give any clue as to what the movie is about (if anyone knows what it means pray tell) but its Chinese title means ‘Father and Mother Aren’t Home’. This is…

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