Going to UConn: Our First 3 Days in the NYC

I write about my first glimpse of America staying in NYC for 3 days before heading to my exchange university. :)

The Cinnamon Roll

By Benjamin Ho

Day 1

It was dark and claustrophobic. With the windows shut and few lights glowing, the main source of light my in-flight entertainment monitor on which I had watched 5 movies, I had lost track of time. Sleeping intermittently, I had not showered since I left my home late last night. How long has it been? It had been 7am at the stopover in Dubai and I was due 2:30pm at JFK airport in New York. Seven hours have passed, but we weren’t landing anytime soon.

Sleep. Movie. Eat. Movie. Sleep. Movie. Eat.

“Please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts. We’ll be landing in JFK shortly.”

I finally arrived.

The plane taxied and landed. It took about an hour before I could even walk off the Airbus A380. But as I was walking to the immigration counter, it hit me that I had finally…

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