22 Feb 2016: An update

I haven’t updated this blog in months, but here’s an update of what’s been going on in my life recently.

I’m in my final semester of university, finishing up what remaining modules I have left as well as working on my FYP on wildlife farming. I’m also trying to look around for jobs and internships related to my field that I can embark on since nothing is confirmed yet. The future is uncertain, but frankly quite exciting.

I also revamped this blog to look a lot neater and minimal, and also transform it into a general professional profile page for public representation. The tone of this blog will also be a lot more professional but still casual and friendly. I’m hoping to be more semi-regular with updates and blog about things I’m learning about and interesting in – basically a form of public documentation that can articulate my thought processes from week to week. If I feel like writing a story, that might still come up, but it’s not currently my primary focus right now.

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone, and I hope you’ll read more words from me in the year to come.


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