Food Review for Pizza-Making Party at Jamie’s Italian

Jamie’s Italian invited me to experience their pizza-making party where we got to learn how to make pizzas – and eat them! Since my mother is an avid baker and has tried her hand at making pizzas of her own, I decided to bring her along as my plus one.

When we arrived, the bar at Jamie’s Italian presented each of us with a glass of chilled prosecco in our hands as a pre-party drink. A sparkling Italian white wine resembling champagne (which is from France), the prosecco was sweet and fizzy, and it lifted our spirits in preparation for the pizza-making session.

Once everyone was present, we were led to the back of the restaurant where the party would begin. Our equipment and aprons were laid out neatly on a long metal table with a complimentary teal Jamie’s Italian baseball cap on top of each apron, waiting to be donned. At the far end of the table was a lavish selection of leafy vegetables, cheeses, and meats, our choice of toppings for the pizza we were about to make.

Read about the fun time we had at GourmetEstorie.


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