My Lending Library

Hello friends,

A while back, my brother and I realised we had way too many physical books than our shelves had space for. So we cleared a lot of our unwanted books by selling them for $1 a pop and giving away those that didn’t manage to get sold. We were left with a much tidier but still-rather-full bookshelf.

To try to free up more space, we established a lending library that we opened up to our friends. However, we originally published our lending library’s inventory in the form of a Facebook note, which has since faded in obscurity.

This post is a reminder that yes, our books in that lending library are still open for borrowing. This time, we’re keeping track of the collection on an Airtable base, where you can access the catalogue. If you’re interested in borrowing any of the books, contact my brother Jeremy or myself privately. I’ve also placed a link to the base on the menu of my blog here, so you can access our catalogue easily.

If any of our books interest you, drop me a message!


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